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By Page or By Stage!

I had an unusual childhood with 11 different families that created a bit of a travelin’ soul that was comforted by the books and films and entertainment of others who spoke to me through their stories. Story became a sanctuary.

Along the way I had an elementary school teacher who pointed out a knack for writing and acting, and I found a way to speak back.

Like William Ernest Henley, I claim to be the captain of my soul, sailing through my many life experiences to craft storytelling, art, and entertainment “by page or by stage” with the dark heart of a poet and the goofy brain of a comic.

That statement is a catch all for a gingenado of performance, written and sometimes visual creativity that has been seen or heard in live events, music, art installations, videos, tv and films, theatrical productions, interactive technologies and more, but it really all comes down to telling stories.

It’s been a life long journey, and when it comes down to it, I simply love to explore the big world around me and all the unique characters as I tell stories I hope will speak to others.



Works in Progress
Awarded an Arts meets Activism grant by the Kentucky Foundation for Women

On the heels of the #Metoo movement, mass shootings, COVID, racial profiling and other traumatic events, it is urgent for people to understand PTSD isn’t just something Veterans have and that observed “undesirable” behavioral traits may be trauma response.

There are currently no documentaries about civilian PTSD, and I find this to be a huge gap in today’s needs for the healing of trauma response.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Triggered is an augmented reality art installation that tells what it is like for 10 different women when their PTSD is triggered and what they can do about it. It’s finished with development and preproduction and we’re fundraising for production. Learn more, support financially here.

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